Advertiser Responsibility

All pages refer to those in the Service Level Agreement document provided to you by your account manager.

  1. Complete ‘Service Level Agreement’ form by the date noted in the schedule on page 1.
    1. Campaign Information
    2. Content Brief Feedback
    3. Advertiser Information: Byline Name, Facebook URL, Advertiser Message
    4. Contact Information for your sources: Names & Titles, Emails and Phone Numbers

We will not be able to begin the writing process without sources. Submitting your SLA form without source contact information will delay the publication of your article on

If you have any issues accessing or completing the form, contact your account manager for assistance.

  1. Prep sources for article interview.
    1. Please tell your sources the intended publication date so they are ready and can respond asap when the writer contacts them about your article. Please also check vacation schedules of your sources to ensure that they are available to provide the interview in the necessary timeframe.

Unresponsive sources will delay the publication of your article on

  1. Submit associated images, video, and interactive materials.
    1. IMAGES: Please supply at least one (1) photo (multiple photos preferred) with the following specs:
      1. 2000x1333px (at least 200 dpi)
      2. JPEG or PNG
      3. Horizontal orientation works best
    2. VIDEO: We can also include video that is contextually relevant to the article content:
      1. Most common video file formats accepted
      2. Can also embed videos from common video sharing platforms such as YouTube
      3. Horizontal orientation works best
    3. INTERACTIVE (when applicable): Please supply the materials noted on page 2 for your interactive.


  1. Submit companion banners and destination URL.
    1. If providing your own ads, please refer to the full spec sheet.
    2. If you would like us to build your ads, please provide the following:
      1. Photos (cannot be the same as the article image(s))
      2. Logo (design file such as .eps preferred)
      3. Branding guidelines
    3. Submit the destination URL for the associated ad set.


  1. Approve or submit revisions of drafts.
    1. Approve or submit revisions by the dates noted in the schedule on page 1.
    2. When suggesting draft revisions, please turn on ‘Track Changes’ (located in the ‘Review’ tab).

Approval or revisions received after the noted dates will delay the publication of your article on